Canpal Media

Hi, we’re Canpalmedia.

We build meaningful events that give brands a platform to connect with a global audience.

We have demonstrated our event production capabilities through long-standing relationships with some of the most notable brands.
This is a responsibility we take very seriously, and we do not underestimate the importance of every touchpoint with fans, vendors and the local community.

Scalable Events

our team is ready and eager to help you realize your full event vision, no matter the size.

Specializing in:

Concept Creation
Partnerships & Sponsorships
Design Strategy
Event Production
Project Management
Budget Management
Branding Management
Design Management


Health & Safety

Now more than ever, we know events and gatherings have an impact beyond the experience itself. We initiate engagement with all entities, to ensure safe environments for everyone involved. Our track record with local and federal authorities across the country, is something we respect and take great pride in.

  • We engage with all relevant stakeholders
  • We know and understand risk
  • We create emergency plans
  • We develop and oversee event safety plans